Monday, June 25, 2007

What's up, World?!?


How's it goin' out there?

Fine for me, except that I keep getting loads of annoying pop-ups about virus protection programs since Dad installed Norton 360, which is suppose to stop these things, but we had to uninstall it, because it was causing even more, and well it's insane! LOL!

I had an e-mail from my BFF, this morning, and she didn't mention anything about global warming, and the like, so thank goodness that's over! *super grin*

I have my last 7 Habits class, tonight, and my last dance class is Thursday! I hope I can come back to dancing though, and piano lessons start back in August! YES!

One thing I would absolutely LOVE to go back to is: Martial Arts. I was half way to a black belt in Tang Soo Do when I started getting horrible headaches in gymnastics (which I've also had to give up, sigh), and my parents didn't want me getting blows to the neck, and spine, so they took me out of karate class. :( But Drs., and all that have said that it's nothing, and I can go back anytime I want, but now my parents are soo busy they can't drive me there, lol, and I don't get a liscene 'til next year... Although I could get a motor driven cycle liscence right now...hmmmm.

I called to see if a comic bookshop around here was hiring a few days ago, but they weren't.

I hope they are soon, because I would love to work in one.

Here's a photo of Ludwig & Xatu looking at my little sister's goldfish, Goldeen. If you're wondering about all the pokemon names, that's all my sister names her pets after, lol.

Today is my grandfather's birthday so I'll call, and wish him a happy one, later. If I can get him on the phone! xD

Anyone here go to YouTube?
You've got to go to People & Blogs, in catagories, and click on the editor's pick for today. It's the girl that does the 'Me singing' ones. I totally support what she's trying to do. Way to go don't put up with stereotypes!

Also type in 'Natalie Portman snl', and click on the one that says, Natalie rapping, it's too hilarious!

Did I say I went to go see 1408, yesterday? I can't remember, lol, well I did, and it was really good. :)

Anyway, I'm out,

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