Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Let the rain fall down....

Pray for rain people!

We've dried up here, everything is dusty, and arid....I'm in the epicenter of the worst draught in US history; and 4 of July fireworks might be banned. But I will be seeing them Sunday, with one of my friends, she invited me to the Celebrate America Festival. :)

Soooo, today, I've talked on MSN with my BFF, went to work in the garden, raking out weeds, and planting seeds. Cucumbers, and Summer Squash, to be specific. I like to watch things grow, so even though it was hot, and dusty work, it'll be worth it to see what we reap out of the seeds we have sown.

I picked onions, tomatoes, and cowhorn peppers, out of the garden, today, there's not enough water so the onions weren't very large, but I'm thankful for what we got. :)

I've been reading the Grapes of Wrath, and I highly recommend it.

See ya'll,

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