Friday, June 29, 2007

Everything's just wonderful....

I made dinner, tonight, it was gorditas, and dang this sounds like I'm bragging, which I hate, but it was pretty good.

I had a wonderful MSN conversation with my bff, today. :)

And it rained some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, here's a question:

Is a poet a writer & a painter combined? Or is a writer a painter with a pen, and words, instead of brushes, and an easel. And a painter, likewise is a writer with images instead of words?

Yeah, I love philosophy, so there you are. :)

I could gone on, but I shan't.


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Breaking the Habit....

OMG! I'm on You Tube listening to Linkin Park videos as I write ya'll.

They got me with What I've Done, and so far I've listened to 'In the End', and the above mentioned masterpiece. I had no clue that I was missing so much! I also like 'Remember the Name', and 'Where'd you go' by Fort Minor, AKA Linkin's Mike Shanoda.

Anyway, still no one, so I'm about to go advertise this thing somewhere, and some elements to this experiment.


Tonight's my last dance class, btw, the teacher will be gone throughout July.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Let the rain fall down....

Pray for rain people!

We've dried up here, everything is dusty, and arid....I'm in the epicenter of the worst draught in US history; and 4 of July fireworks might be banned. But I will be seeing them Sunday, with one of my friends, she invited me to the Celebrate America Festival. :)

Soooo, today, I've talked on MSN with my BFF, went to work in the garden, raking out weeds, and planting seeds. Cucumbers, and Summer Squash, to be specific. I like to watch things grow, so even though it was hot, and dusty work, it'll be worth it to see what we reap out of the seeds we have sown.

I picked onions, tomatoes, and cowhorn peppers, out of the garden, today, there's not enough water so the onions weren't very large, but I'm thankful for what we got. :)

I've been reading the Grapes of Wrath, and I highly recommend it.

See ya'll,

Monday, June 25, 2007

What's up, World?!?


How's it goin' out there?

Fine for me, except that I keep getting loads of annoying pop-ups about virus protection programs since Dad installed Norton 360, which is suppose to stop these things, but we had to uninstall it, because it was causing even more, and well it's insane! LOL!

I had an e-mail from my BFF, this morning, and she didn't mention anything about global warming, and the like, so thank goodness that's over! *super grin*

I have my last 7 Habits class, tonight, and my last dance class is Thursday! I hope I can come back to dancing though, and piano lessons start back in August! YES!

One thing I would absolutely LOVE to go back to is: Martial Arts. I was half way to a black belt in Tang Soo Do when I started getting horrible headaches in gymnastics (which I've also had to give up, sigh), and my parents didn't want me getting blows to the neck, and spine, so they took me out of karate class. :( But Drs., and all that have said that it's nothing, and I can go back anytime I want, but now my parents are soo busy they can't drive me there, lol, and I don't get a liscene 'til next year... Although I could get a motor driven cycle liscence right now...hmmmm.

I called to see if a comic bookshop around here was hiring a few days ago, but they weren't.

I hope they are soon, because I would love to work in one.

Here's a photo of Ludwig & Xatu looking at my little sister's goldfish, Goldeen. If you're wondering about all the pokemon names, that's all my sister names her pets after, lol.

Today is my grandfather's birthday so I'll call, and wish him a happy one, later. If I can get him on the phone! xD

Anyone here go to YouTube?
You've got to go to People & Blogs, in catagories, and click on the editor's pick for today. It's the girl that does the 'Me singing' ones. I totally support what she's trying to do. Way to go don't put up with stereotypes!

Also type in 'Natalie Portman snl', and click on the one that says, Natalie rapping, it's too hilarious!

Did I say I went to go see 1408, yesterday? I can't remember, lol, well I did, and it was really good. :)

Anyway, I'm out,

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Politics, and Religion don't belong in conversation, unless it's a debate....

Hey everyone,

*Sigh* My best friend, and I are disagreeing over President Bush, and the war in Iraq, Hilary Clinton, and well my heart is heavy over the whole affair.

I just mentioned that the President had been in town, and that I'd missed seeing him, and it lead to all this. :(

I'm such an idiot! Why didn't I remember that there is no way to agree about religion, and politics???

She lives in Europe, so we were bound to have different opinions, and it's not her opinions that bother me. I'm afraid in the back of my mind that this will spread like a virus, like it has to many a great friendship, and I can't lose her as a friend. She's the greatest friend I've ever had, and well you know...

Goodness I hope this clears up, soon...

I e-mailed her 5 minutes ago, and said 'let's agree to disagree' so maybe...

On a lighter note I went to see '1408', today, excellent movie! Very interesting, I won't say more because I don't want to ruin it for anyone.

Also it rained a bit, thank goodness for that, because this is the worst draught in history, and every drop helps! :)

Here's some photos of the flock (just a couple of them though) that lives at my house, lol! Ludwig (the gray, or wild coloration cockatiel), and Raphael (the purplish looking lovebird, it's technically called Double Violet something, something, lol) are mine, and all the birds are hilarious, and fun! Ludwig makes kiss noises, laughs, clicks his tongue, and wolf whistles; and is one of the coolest birds ever!

Anyway, remember polite conversation = no politics, or religion,



Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ignorance is Bliss....


I've been listening to Hinder's Bliss; I heard it the 1st time, yesterday, and OMG what a song!

We went to my grandparents' house, Saturday, and the entire workshop smelled like honey, lol!

I also drove the 4 wheeler.

Going to their place is always fun; they're great people!


Friday, June 15, 2007

It is what it is.


Veil class went great! It was a lot of fun; although I accidently slapped on of my classmates.

You're supposed to hold the veil between your thumb, and index finger, so the other three are just sort of held out. Well, we were spinning with the veils, and I accidently spun around, and whacked her. I was like "Sorry! OMG! I'm sooo sorry!" but she thought it was hilarious, so all is well.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Smells like Teen Spirit....

I love the music, and beat; to that song, plus Kurt's singing is pretty cool....

Tonight I'm starting veil dance at class; and I can't wait.

I've finally figured out my class schedule for when school starts back.

Film & Drama
Advanced Biology
Advanced Biology Lab

I want to take Bio again, 'cause I love it, and I didn't have a lab in 9th grade, lol; so I'll save journalism for 11th grade, because there are two classes of it I'd have to take, and the second one gets in the way of Lab.

Now I've got to order my book bag, and the 7th Harry Potter, because I bet the bookstores will sell out of him the moment he gets there, lol! If I get by mail I can pretend an owl delivered it. LOL! I hope no one I like dies....

Have a nice day,

Monday, June 11, 2007

Another day, another page of Life...


Today has just started so all I know that I'll be doing is my the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens class, tonight, 6-8. I'll get to learn more on this interesting subject + see my new friend, Mary, she's really nice.

So far, no one's looked at my blog, but I'm hoping to see something soon.

Anyway I'm out of here,

Sunday, June 10, 2007

For all the other women & girls out there...

I read about this awesome campaign in GL, and now I'm making an effort to tell everyone I can about it. It's Peace Keepers' Kiss Campaign; you're kiss & at least $1 will go to educating a girl who has left a life of indentured servitude, or sex slave trade.

The link is

I also recommend when you search the internet; for every search you do the site donates a cent to the charity of your choice. It doesn't sound like a lot, I know, but when you think of all the searching we do; it adds up. :)

Have an awesome day!


Tired of Paris...

Well to be honest, I've been sick of the whole thing for weeks...

If she was anyone else, she'd have been sitting in jail after the 1st DUI; and she'd have a lot more time. I hope this circus ends soon...

I put some pics of myself up, last night; wearing my dance top, and all that.

I can't wait to get some hits; I'm really getting interested in this, lol!

This probably sounds crazy, but I can't wait for school to start back. I'm home-schooled, and I'm going to switch to a different group, and they have classes I can go to, and that sort of thing.
So far I'm going to try to get into:

Film & Drama Begginer Band/Spanish/Advanced Biology (I'm not sure which, yet.)
Maybe a Leadership class (It's just for girls this one.)

Leadership class: Yes it would be useful, interesting, and I could make some more friends, but it ticks me off a bit that it's just for girls; what we're too delicate to be leaders on our own? I don't think so!

Begginer Band: I would LOVE to learn the saxophone, or drums. (I also start back piano lessons in August, I've been taking from Mrs. Merritt for 4 years, next month.)

Spanish: I'd like to learn it in a group, instead of on my own; Spanish is really fun, btw!

Advanced Biology: I love science! And Biology rocks; as well as Micro-Biology, and a dozen other types of science I could name.

I don't know what I'm doing, today, but tomorrow night I have a class to go to.


Saturday, June 9, 2007

1st post ever!!!

Hi I'm Bre!

How are all of you out there?

I thought I'd start one of these just to see if anyone would read; you know? See if I could get an audience? I think it will be fun... Anyone out there, by the way?

So, yesterday was my 1st dance recital; or hafla, as it was called. Hafle is Middle Eastern for 'dance party.' And a party it was, but it totally rocked!

I got my permit, Tuesday, so my week's been full of surprises. Haha!

My birthday is June 4th, 1992; but I took my permit test the day after, so I wouldn't have to worry about a test on my birthday, and that sort of thing....

I'll have a lot more later, for now; I must be off!

Be yourself, and have a great day!

-Bre (pronounced Bree, btw)