Saturday, June 9, 2007

1st post ever!!!

Hi I'm Bre!

How are all of you out there?

I thought I'd start one of these just to see if anyone would read; you know? See if I could get an audience? I think it will be fun... Anyone out there, by the way?

So, yesterday was my 1st dance recital; or hafla, as it was called. Hafle is Middle Eastern for 'dance party.' And a party it was, but it totally rocked!

I got my permit, Tuesday, so my week's been full of surprises. Haha!

My birthday is June 4th, 1992; but I took my permit test the day after, so I wouldn't have to worry about a test on my birthday, and that sort of thing....

I'll have a lot more later, for now; I must be off!

Be yourself, and have a great day!

-Bre (pronounced Bree, btw)

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