Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Order of the Phoenix

I went to go see it, last night, and it was pretty good, but like with all books turned into movies, if I've read the book, I always like it better than the movie version. :) Anyone else feel that way?

Anyway, I have a new poem up on, and the link to it is:

I hope that you'll read it, and post a review!

I've submitted another poem, this morning, and it will probably be up in a few days. :)

Chapter 2 of 'Daughter of Darkness' should be up soon, too, and I'm almost finished writing Chapter 3.

And for you non-fanfiction-readers, I have a novel in the works, and it a bit past midway written, and I have a lot of non Harry Potter related poems. :) I've just got to write a few more, put them together, and get in copy righted. Be on the look out!

Anyway, how are all of you out there?


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